Liquidation of Gatecoin Limited
(In compulsory liquidation)("Gatecoin")

Chi Lai Man Jocelyn and Li Chung Ngai (also known as Anson Li) were appointed Joint and Several Liquidators of Gatecoin (“Liquidators”) pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region dated 20 March 2019.

Upon the appointment of the Liquidators, all powers of the directors of Gatecoin ceased and the directors no longer have any authority to deal with the assets and/or undertakings of Gatecoin. All dealings in the affairs of Gatecoin must now be authorised by one of the Liquidators or their authorised representatives.

Among other things, the responsibilities of the Liquidators include identifying, taking control of, securing and realising the assets of Gatecoin and to carry out such investigations as the Liquidators may consider appropriate. If you have any information which may assist the Liquidators with their duties and investigations, please contact this office.

The purpose of this website is to allow the clients or creditors of Gatecoin to:

a. check their balances of fiat and crypto assets maintained by them with Gatecoin as at the date of winding up order of Gatecoin on 13 March 2019;

b. indicate their preference on method of distribution by 12 July 2021;

c. access to the Liquidators’ answers to common questions raised by the clients or creditors of Gatecoin (“FAQ”); and

d. access to the announcements made by the Liquidators to date.